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The Products I Use Most

Updated: May 25, 2020

All you need to get started with watercolor, brush lettering, calligraphy, and sketching.

Watercolor Paper


Smallest - the very best for details.

Medium (my most used)

Large (for background washes)

Watercolors ALWAYS Windsor & Newton because they are the best.

The starter set:

The easy travel watercolor set:

Ready for the big league (aka pro watercolors) :

My favorites are the tube colors bought individually. They are a bit more expensive but seriously last your YEARS!

Watercolor tin (the best large pallette for blending) !


The best pencils for lightly drawing and not showing through watercolor. They can also be used for shading, lined, and blending on their own.

Brush Lettering

Calligraphy Basics

My personal nib choice.

The most popular choice and they work wonderfully.

Creative Office Supplies

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