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My Favorite Supplies

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hey Art-lovin friends!

So you're looking to learn the skill of painting, or maybe you're an experienced artist but you really want to figure out the best supplies to perfect your artwork. I see you!

I was in your shoes, testing out different products from the craft store, not sure which ones were worth my money, and hoping that I picked the best option.

Over my 8+ years of exploring watercolor, colored pencils, and calligraphy I have found the supplies that are, well, EXCEPTIONAL. Some of these supplies I learned through professional one-on-one art lessons, while others I found along the way.

So let me help you skip the hassle and waste of $$ by giving you the inside scoop on what I use to create professional, high-quality artwork. Of course perfecting your skill will take practice (tons of it!), but these supplies will set you up for success.

You can check out my full list of supplies here. And huge bonus- you can buy them right off Amazon- HOW EASY!!

Curious about what I use most & what for? Learn more here.

Let me know if you use the supplies and how you like them by tagging me @morganvictoriadesign on Instagram. I LOVE to see what you're creating!!

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